Any mixtape website or organization will instantly recognize the value in this domain. Owning such a name can set you apart from your competitors with ease.

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  • Premium, one-word domain
  • Date registered: 05-03-2005
  • Short and memorable
  • Perfect for any mixtape website or organization
  • Registered with Godaddy

Mixtapes are very popular in the music industry. Owning such a name can give your mixtape website instant credibility among visitors. It is only one word, containing two syllables, which will make it easy to remember and refer. Additionally, it is dot org, which is one of the most trusted domain extensions.

In this way, your website receives extra authority and professionalism. Owning such a name can make you a central source for products and services related to mixtapes.

Premium domains appreciate in value over time, and many of the most valuable names were registered in the earlier days of the internet. This particular name was registered in 2005 and has usage records dating back to 2001, which increases its authority and value.

Based on the extension, the age, the sales of similar domains, the popularity of mixtapes and the versatility of the domain, the asking price is $5,250. We are also taking offers in the lower four-figure range.

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All transactions over $1,000 are handled through Escrow.com, an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We will also follow up with you after the transaction to make sure the domain has been successfully transferred into your Godaddy account.

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